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Preserve Your Beautiful Teeth with White Composite Fillings

At South Bay Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, we haven’t placed a silver mercury filling in over 15 years. Instead, we use white composite filling materials to treat tooth decay. These materials are not only healthier but also more visually pleasing. They are nearly invisible on your teeth, making them ideal for filling cavities in places that would stand out when you smile. Dr. Shaheri is an excellent choice for your composite fillings in Rancho Palos Verdes. He is an expert in this area and can make sure that your filling is perfectly placed and fully bonded to last for years. Also remember, our friendly staff will make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire process of getting your composite fillings in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Understanding Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is caused by acids slowly eroding the enamel and dentin that normally protect the insides of your teeth. These acids are the byproduct of bacteria that live in the mouth, coating your teeth in a film called plaque. As your enamel and dentin erode, you may notice heightened sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, as well as pain generated as bacteria enter the tooth’s interior chamber and cause infection. If you have either of these symptoms, make an appointment with South Bay Center for Aesthetic Dentistry right away. We will be happy to examine your teeth and provide treatment for any evidence of tooth decay we may find.

Why Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are widely considered the best way of treating cavities caused by tooth decay. Silver mercury fillings used to be quite common and while some Rancho Palos Verdes dentists still use metal fillings, Dr. Shaheri has not placed a silver mercury filling for over 15 years. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Shaheri recommends composite fillings for a subtle solution to cavities and tooth decay because they match the color of your tooth. Obviously there is a big concern for fillings for teeth that show when you smile or laugh although Dr. Shaheri recommends composite fillings even for surfaces that don’t show because they are healthier than silver mercury fillings.


Early Treatment Can Save Bad Teeth

Catching a cavity early can make the difference between losing and saving your tooth. Tooth decay is the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults, primarily because of poor oral hygiene and failure to visit the dentist or get early treatment for their tooth decay. If you suspect you have bad teeth, don’t just resign yourself to losing your teeth at a young age. Instead, come visit us at South Bay Center for Aesthetic Dentistry. We can provide fillings for cavities, which can arrest tooth decay especially when caught early. If the decay is allowed to spread, you may need more invasive treatment such as a crown, a root canal or even tooth extraction.

Tooth Decay in Children

Treating tooth decay early in children is especially important, because we want to help make sure kids are able to keep their natural teeth well into adulthood and beyond. As a parent, there are several things you can do to reduce the chances of your child developing bad teeth or needing lots of composite fillings. First of all, you need to make sure your kids practice good dental hygiene. Next, you can make sure that kids get enough calcium and other minerals in their diet, so that their bodies can build strong, healthy teeth. Finally, you will want to schedule regular appointments for your kids with a skilled Rancho Palos Verdes dentist like Dr. Shaheri in order to get quality preventative and restorative care.