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Your Child Deserves The Best!

Good oral health is important for people of all ages, but perhaps especially important for children. Childhood is the time when habits begin to take root, so making sure your child follows good dental hygiene practices from the time their first tooth appears can help them develop the habits that will keep their teeth healthy their entire lives. At South Bay Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, we can help keep kids’ teeth healthy with regular pediatric dental care like checkups and cleanings. Dr. Shaheri and our whole team will do everything that we can to make sure that your child’s dental visit is a positive experience. Call us at (310) 774-2292 to schedule an appointment for your child.

Pediatric Dental Services

At South Bay Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, we can provide quality dental care for patients from age four to one-hundred and four. Dr. Shaheri understands the unique needs of different individuals at different stages of life and he can provide the pediatric dental care that your kids need. One great perk of choosing Dr. Shaheri as your pediatric dentist in Rancho Palos Verdes is that his office uses the latest tools and technology making visits fast, comfortable, and easy. We take digital x-rays so that your kids won’t be exposed to radiation from traditional x-ray machines and we also use gentle laser dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar in an extremely comfortable manner.

Special Pediatric Dental Products

As you may already know, kids do have specialized dental needs. Their teeth may need extra protection from tooth decay and cavities, especially if they don’t have the greatest oral hygiene habits. One relatively new but highly effective addition to the world of pediatric dentistry is tooth sealants. Sealants are a special layer of highly durable coating that can be painted onto the surfaces of your child’s teeth and then bonded into place. Sealants protect teeth by preventing food particles from becoming trapped in pits and grooves, where they would provide food and fuel to bacteria that cause decay. Keep in mind that while sealants can play a role in your child’s pediatric dental care, they will never replace proper oral hygiene.


Why Choose Dr. Shaheri?

Although we are not specifically a pediatric practice, Dr. Shaheri can provide excellent care for children over the age of four years old. Dr. Shaheri is patient and caring, which will put your kids at ease. Best of all, by choosing Dr.Shaheri, you can set your child up for a long-lasting relationship with a quality Rancho Palos Verdes dentist that will care for them as they graduate from childhood to their teen years and into adulthood. This avoids the problem faced by many children who have to choose a new dentist when they become adults and miss vital appointments as a result. Dr. Shaheri also has a great handle on how to teach kids proper oral hygiene. Come visit us at South Bay Center for Aesthetic Dentistry and our friendly team will make sure your kids get started on a good path towards lifelong dental health.