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Had a tooth pulled today by one of the best dentists in the South Bay, Dr. Mileham. I’ve been a long time patient of his for many years. Dr. Mileham is a total professional with a gentle hand. He lets you know beforehand what he’s about to do so you know exactly what to expect. Dr. Mileham and his staff always go the extra mile and that’s why 3 generations of my family are loyal patients. He provides us with excellent dental care and as a result we all have beautiful smiles . I have every confidence that Dr. Mileham and his staff will do the same for you!

Marianna A.

Dr. Mileham is indeed as good as it gets when it comes to dentists. I have been seeing him now for many years and for many treatments. If you are scared of dentists, no need to worry here. Dr. Mileham ensures his patients feel no pain and goes the extra mile to make your procedure as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. I recently needed to see him on an emergency basis over the weekend and he had no problem coming in and opening the office just for me. If you are looking for the best, you have found the best here.

Scott D.

Dr. Mileham is an excellent dentist. I have been going to him for over 5 years and have been pleased with him and his staff. The office personnel are always exceptionally courteous and professional. I have never had to wait for my appointment time to see the doctor or hygienist. I would highly recommend Dr. Mileham to all my friends.


Dr. Mileham Whitened My Teeth 6 Shades!

Dr. Mileham totally changed my mind about professional teeth whitening. I thought it was a waste of money because I’d already tried lots of over the counter whitening products and none of them worked. Plus the trays were uncomfortable and some of them had a bad taste and odor. But Dr. Mileham explained why in-office whitening is better and convinced me to try it. I got my teeth cleaned and then had the whitening treatment and WOW what a difference. I was dumbfounded to find that my teeth were actually 6 shades whiter. Now I am recommending this service to everyone I know!

Jamie R.

My Career Has New Life…

I smoked for years and when I wasn’t smoking I was drinking coffee. You can imagine the state my teeth were in. I had an unattractive, yellowed smile and I felt like it made me look a lot older than I was. I started to notice I was being passed over for promotions at work and clients weren’t as eager to do business with me. Then, I got my “smile makeover” from Dr. Mileham and things started to change. I immediately felt like I looked younger and my attitude changed — I got more involved and engaged in meetings and people started to respond! I don’t think it was a coincidence. Who knew that a visit to my cosmetic dentist would be such a great investment?

Francis G.

My Veneers Look Totally Natural

My Rancho Palos Verdes doctor is Dr. Mileham and he’s great. He helped me cover up my nasty gray tooth with porcelain veneers. I actually decided to get all of my front upper teeth done so that my smile would look the best. That way all the teeth matched and I also got to cover up some minor staining and get a better overall shape on my teeth that were actually a little crooked. I was absolutely thrilled with how natural the veneers looked when Dr. Mileham was finished with my procedure! They totally concealed all my problems and no one can tell that I have veneers.

Rosario Q.

Best Dental Cleaning in Rancho Palos Verdes

Finding a new dentist is always tricky. My favorite dentist had just retired and I didn’t like the person he sold his practice to, so I started hopping from dentist to dentist every 6 months for my cleanings, trying to find an office that I could call home. I think I visited 5 different dentists before I found Dr. Mileham. His office has it all: friendly staff, gentle cleanings, free parking and reasonable prices. They accepted my insurance which was a major plus. Best of all, they were able to work me in on short notice and I didn’t spend more than 3 minutes in the waiting room before my appointment. I really am convinced that this was the best dental cleaning in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Michelle F.

Dr. Mileham’s Office Is So Convenient

As a parent of three kids, I really appreciate being able to visit “grown up” places whenever I can. I took my kids to a children’s dentist when they were little but I got tired of the carnival-like atmosphere and it was not convenient to have to keep track of appointments at two different dentists for me and my kids. I was so glad to find Dr. Mileham. He really is a family dentist who knows how to care for kids and adults with skill and compassion. The office is always clean and quiet and the waiting room is never crowded. It is so convenient to be able to go to one Rancho Palos Verdes dentist with my kids and get all of our needs taken care of!

Darla P.

Dr. Mileham Cured my Tooth Pain in a Hurry

I had an emergency and it was a toothache. I have never had a toothache like that before! Really, really bad toothache and I called Dr. Mileham and they saw me that same day. Well knowing that you can come in the same day, that’s really good because his schedule is busy, my schedule’s busy. And to work that out… that was excellent.

Stephanie F.

My Root Canal was Painless at South Bay Center for Aesthetic Dentistry

I was at home one night when I started feeling this pain, which pretty soon it became unbearable and I came to Dr Mileham and thought what I needed was a root canal. When he said I needed a root canal, I panicked but I trusted him and it went on perfectly. Once he explained what he was going to do, I felt relaxed and Dr Mileham made it painless.

Daniel G.

A Gentle Dentist for Sensitive Gums

Dr. Mileham and his hygienists are the best. They were really careful not to irritate my teeth and gums during my dental cleaning and they actually helped my gums get better. They used to always bleed whenever I brushed my teeth but now my gums are actually healthier…probably because this was my first cleaning in like 3 years and also because I’m using a new mouthwash recommended by Dr Mileham to fight gum disease. I will definitely be back to this dentist office… probably within the next six months because I’ve finally found a dentist gentle enough to inspire me to keep up with my regular dental visits!

Derek C.

4 Tooth Extractions — One visit, Zero Pain

When I found out I needed all of my wisdom teeth extracted I freaked out. I was afraid of the surgery but eventually my wisdom teeth started hurting so much that I knew I had to just do it. I went back to Dr . Mileham and the entire staff was so helpful and patient with me. I really felt like I was in good hands. I had nitrous oxide sedation and I don’t remember feeling any pain, not even at home because I took the prescription that Dr. Mileham gave me. Now that my wisdom teeth are gone, my teeth are less crowded and I can move forward with my Invisalign treatment!

Jose E.

5 Stars for Fillings at South Bay Center for Aesthetic Dentistry

I have had more cavities than I can count. I’ve also had many different dentists doing my fillings over the years as I moved around the country. When it came time to find a dentist in Rancho Palos Verdes, I picked Dr. Mileham and I am so glad I did! Dr. Mileham took one look in my mouth, saw all my old fillings and helped me prioritize which ones needed to be replaced first, starting with the ones that were causing me discomfort. The process actually went really quickly and I was impressed with how relaxed I was the whole time. I love my new composite fillings—no more flashing a mouthful of metal every time I laugh!

Robert L.

Dental Implants Saved Me from Dentures

After losing several teeth in an accident, I muddled along with a partial denture for years. It was uncomfortable and made me feel self-conscious. When I finally talked to Dr. Mileham about the situation, he told me I should think seriously about implants. He showed me on my x-rays how wearing a partial denture was starting to affect my jaw and explained how dental implants could rebuild bone structure and help me look better. After checking that the implants would be covered by my insurance, I decided to take the plunge. Dr. Mileham referred me to an excellent specialist for the actual implant surgery and Dr. Mileham handled the final crowns. I absolutely love my new dental implants. I’m so glad Dr. Mileham took the time to explain this treatment to me.

Drew R.

Thanks to Dr. Mileham, I Actually Wear My Dentures

I thought I was getting a great deal on my first dentures because they were so cheap. But they were also very uncomfortable. I got sores in my mouth from the dentures slipping around and I couldn’t eat or talk properly. So I didn’t wear them and that “deal” I thought I got turned out to be a huge waste of money! Eventually my daughter convinced me that I needed to get better dentures that I would actually wear. She sent me to her Rancho Palos Verdes dentist, Dr. Mileham. He had custom dentures made for me and then he continued to adjust them until they fit just right. The difference between Dr. Mileham’s dentures and my old false teeth is like night and day. Now I actually wear my dentures and they’re so comfortable sometimes I forget I’m even wearing false teeth.

Frannie F.

Sedation Dentistry Is Amazing!

When Dr. Mileham told me I needed a root canal, I wanted to run away screaming. But Dr. Mileham quickly calmed me down and explained that for a root canal, I would be sedated with something stronger than Novocain and wouldn’t feel a thing. He was very patient with me and explained how the different sedation methods he uses work. I chose nitrous oxide and I must say that I have never had a more comfortable dental procedure. The root canal was successful and practically pain-free.

Akhila H